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The premier destination for high-quality security and electrical solutions in Canberra and the surrounding region. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional services that exceed your expectations. It is our privilege to offer reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge services that prioritise your safety and peace of mind based on years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals.

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Our vast experience and qualifications means we can integrate diverse security and electrical requirements of both residential and commercial clients.

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JFM Electrical Services brings a spark of excellence to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and surrounding areas with our comprehensive range of electrical solutions. We are a dynamic team dedicated to illuminating your space and empowering your electrical infrastructure. Our comprehensive range of services ensures we go above and beyond to deliver unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations.

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JFM Security Services stands as the beacon of protection in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and surrounding areas, offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge security solutions. We are dedicated to safeguarding your property, empowering you with peace of mind, and fortifying your world against potential threats. Working with residential and commercial clients and also alongside developers & builders.

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JFM Security and Electrical believe that the most effective way to showcase our quality services is through our satisfied customers. In this testimonials section, you’ll find firsthand experiences and feedback from clients who have entrusted us with their security and electrical needs. We take pride in the relationships we’ve built and the positive impact we’ve made on residential and commercial properties.

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need for robust security measures has become increasingly paramount, especially for commercial properties. Among the most effective and versatile tools available for surveillance and crime prevention are Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. These powerful devices have revolutionised the way businesses protect their assets, employees, and customers

Access control systems have emerged as an essential component in modern security strategies, offering numerous benefits for both residential and commercial properties. By granting authorised individuals controlled access to specific areas, these systems provide an array of advantages that extend beyond traditional lock-and-key mechanisms.

Optical fibre works on the principle of total internal reflection. Light signals are transmitted through the core of the fibre, which is surrounded by a cladding layer with a lower refractive index. This allows the light to bounce off the cladding, continuously reflecting along the fibre without significant loss of signal strength.

  • Visual inspection: Checking for any signs of damage, loose connections, or overheating.
  • Cleaning: Removing dust, dirt, and debris from the switchboard components to prevent potential electrical issues.
  • Tightening connections: Ensuring all electrical connections are properly tightened to prevent arcing or sparking.
  • Testing: Conducting various tests, such as insulation resistance testing and circuit breaker testing, to verify the performance and safety of the switchboard.

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