Security Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in ACT

At JFM Security and Electrical we prioritise your safety and peace of mind by offering a comprehensive suite of monitoring services. From state-of-the-art intrusion alarm systems to reliable back-to-base monitoring, we are committed to providing you with advanced security solutions that ensure the protection of your residential and commercial properties.

Residential Security

Home security systems and alarms have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing homeowners with a sense of security and peace of mind. A variety of threats, including burglary, fire, and unauthorised entry, are protected by these compact yet powerful systems. These alarms are equipped with advanced sensors and detectors that detect motion, smoke, heat, and even glass breakage, alerting homeowners and authorities immediately. Having these systems installed and monitored from the comfort of one’s home makes them convenient for homeowners, who can take control of their security without seeking professional help. These alarms seamlessly blend into any home decor, offering both protection and aesthetic appeal due to their compact size and sleek design. Whether it’s a standalone alarm or a comprehensive security system, these small home-based solutions provide an invaluable layer of security for residential properties, ensuring the well-being and tranquility of homeowners and their families.

woman touching control panel

Commercial Security

Businesses, assets, and employees will benefit from commercial alarms and security systems from JFM Security. In addition to access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection, these systems can alert authorities in case of an emergency and deter threats. Businesses across ACT and surrounding areas can minimise risks, prevent theft, and ensure a safe working environment by implementing these security systems. Adaptable to specific security needs, our preferred alarm systems provide efficient and reliable solutions for commercial establishments.

Smart Phone Monitoring

Security and surveillance have been revolutionised by smartphone alarms and CCTV systems. Homeowners and business owners can access real-time video footage and remotely monitor their properties with our advanced systems. Smart technology and high-definition cameras provide comprehensive coverage and enhanced security with these systems. JFM Security can provide smartphone monitoring that offers instant notifications and alerts. This is so users can stay on top of suspicious activity and breaches, and respond instantly. In addition to two-way audio, motion detection, and cloud storage, these systems are convenient and flexible.